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Clean Water for Chipaj

The village of Chipaj is known for its generosity, as evidenced by how some of its residents have shared their limited water. More than 30 years ago CARE helped a small cluster of  fifteen families bring water from a hilltop spring down to their homes by means of gravity. Over the years the village has grown to 176 families. The original families have tried to help their neighbors get  access to water by running spliced hoses from their own faucets but this method has had limited success.

In 2011 Chipaj requested assistance from UbF to build a clean water system adequate to meet not only the needs of their own village but also for the neighboring village of Lagunita.  
Thanks to support  of the ACAD Foundation for World Health, UbF was able to provide the construction materials for a new clean water system that brought water to the homes of both villages. As usual, UbF worked in partnership with the local county government which provided the engineering and the people of the village which provided the manual labor.  This particular project was a challange because the pipe had to cross a ravine to get the water to the second village.  The local engineer, Cleiber Giron, did a great job in constructing an aerial pass.  Be sure to check it out in the slide show.



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